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You'll have to pardon the quality of the HTML found on these pages. They haven't had many updates since 1999. Now that we have some new information to put on the web, I'll have to add an update to my list of projects. But for the time being, please enjoy the new pictures found on our family page. My wife and I are now proud parents!

Here's the current weather for where we live. You can also use the search capabilities to see what the weather is like where you are!

On this site, you will find a lots of infos about me, my hobbys and my family.

Everything is for free.

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Hi, my name is Famke Jansson and i will show you all about my life! Be prepared for a lots of funny stuff. I hope you like my site.

What is new in my world? - watch here...

Our wedding - married

Now i am married. Yes, after 8 years, it is really time. And i am so happy now. My wife was wearing this dress. She looked so beautiful. And now, we plan to get more childs! Later we wann buy a new home. With an beautiful garden and all this stuff. You can see more here... (The photos will come later)

I start playing football

I start playing football. Its pretty fun and good for my health. My wife told me to start. My little sun was just joking - you and football. And now, we both play every weekend. Its for sure not that easy for beginners. But with the time it becomes more and more easy und fun! Watch here my new football skills...

I start programing

I start programming games and i really love it. I used html Code, like here. That for i use a lots of funny tricks and tips. I startet a few days ago and you can play the first games directly. If you wanna see more, than you can use my gamingsection. Its really not that difficult and it makes a lots of fun. You wanna see my results? Than click here and start playing...

I trade with Binary Options

Now, i use to trade with binary options. And i love it. Its simple. Ive invented an algorythm, to trade with the right direction. Therefore i use i use BDSwiss (read this "BDSwiss in Test" report). Its pretty simple to use. But you can loose a lot of money without right riskmanagement. But so far i trade only a little amount and make my exit after tiny wins. I wont become rich, but earn always little amounts of money. Its pretty fun. So i will hold you up to date. Enjoy my other little games! You can read here more about my new strategies...

Family section

I going to implement an family section. All categorys ready. Later you will find photos in there. My sun told me to do that. So why not. The good news - my wife is pregnant again. So i will show you a lots of photos. Hier you can choose the photos later... (photos are still not aviable)

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